We Need to Talk About Kevin

I watched this on a rainy Sunday afternoon during an entire day’s film watching (I love those weekends). It’s beautifully shot with a fractured narrative reflecting Tilda Swinton‘s (Eva’s) state of mind. Swinton to my mind of is one of her generation’s best actors. She’s emotionally raw, seems to inhabit parts so the actor disappears and all I see is character – that’s a pretty rare talent. Probably everybody knows the plot by now, her disturbed son’s behaviour spirals out of control. Lynne Ramsay’s shot selection is rarely off, more or less every bit of cutaway or B-roll is symbolic, some are a little hackneyed but most work beautifully. There’s a bit too much wobbly-cam for me but I think that’s personal preference rather than a technical difficulty. It’s a harsh and beautiful piece of work – not the easiest of bedfellows.

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