RIP Sci-fi Series

The RIP series of films came from an idea reading Reddit users’ freaky stories (search for Glitch in the Matrix) about life. RIP 1 is based on user crowhorse’s story of a strange night at work. RIP 2 and 3 (we released them over three weeks) are original stories. The three films fit together as a whole or can be viewed separately as intriguing films in their own right.

We made them on zero budget with an old Panasonic video camera. Due to the no-budget the post-production work took four working weeks to complete.

Some random fun filmmaking facts I learnt making them::

  • Always record good sound for narrative films – it puts a viewer off from the start straining to hear what people are saying; it looks and feels amateurish using on-camera sound.
  • Don’t over-light a scene – I was worried that the video camera wouldn’t capture enough image detail so I lit everything rather brightly – it took me a whole day to grade one scene in RIP 3. Bright is fine for a corporate video; for narrative work, not so much.
  • Feed and water your actors and crew – you don’t want them getting cranky!

You can watch the films on our YouTube Short Films playlist. The three films together are due to be shown at The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield as part of Showroom Shorts.


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