Beat the Bandit – The Lions Roar

The lads from Beat the Bandit contacted me because they need some new video presence for social media. I listened to their 60s-inspired music and met up with them for a night out to get to know them a bit. My friend, Sarah Jay Hawley, suggested I make Monkees-style music video with lots of cavorting and quick cutting. I discussed with the lads and fitted very well with what they were envisioning. What I wanted to do was bring out their personalities.

I scouted loads of underused locations in Sheffield (graffiti walls and the town centre with its red phone boxes and interesting alleyways, gennels and 60s architecture) and drew up an extensive storyboard and plan as I wanted to get a lot done in a day.

The lads were a pleasure to film, all very different personalities and basically up for anything. They didn’t care about looking daft (in fact they revelled in it) and were happy to take my direction all day long! Plus they came up with some great ad-libbing.

The only downside to the shoot was while trying to get a high-angle shot of them running I managed to fall off a wall and break a rib! Dav (on the left below) swung into action and administered first aid. Thanks Dav! Luckily, the footage remained intact:

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