Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

I liked it. Of late I’ve become a bit bored of CGI-fest blockbusters but I saw this in the supermarket and bought it on an impulse. I used to love Superman as a kid. And Batman in my twenties. I thought the story was lacking, the acting good quality, Jesse Eisenberg stood out as Luthor. There was a distinct lack of motivation for Superman to do anything. There wasn’t enough light-heartedness to it (apart a couple of lines from Fishburne’s Perry White), all the strokes were very dark as it lurched from crisis to Doomsday. But then that’s Zak Snyder for you, dark overblown blockbusters. He’s good at them. It was too long, as his stuff tends to be. It struck me that superhero epics have replaced biblical epics. Discuss.

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